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  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT120

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT120

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11 / 02 / 2022
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PT. INTI KARYA KARISMA adalah suatu perusahaan dagang yang berkembang sangat pesat, khususnya dalam bidang penyediaan barang dan alat - alat untuk kebutuhan industri yang ada di Indonesia, meliputi bidang Valve - Valve, Automation System dan Electrical Components.

Detail Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT120

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT120 Features: Portable size and easy operation Suitable for any metallic and non-metallic materials ultrasonic can go through Self-compensating of nonlinearity function is supplied for correction of pickup nonlineasity 10 measuring values can be recorded for TT100, TT110, TT130; 100 measuring values can be recorded for TT140 optional 2.5MHz, 5MHz and 7MHz transducers are available Clear 4-Digit LCD display with backlight 5 pre-set sound velocities for repeating applications mm / inch selectable TT120: high-temperature model Technical Specification TT120 Measuring range 0.75 ? 300.00mm ( steel) Measuring range for steel pipes Min.3.0mm thickness 20 diameter Diameter of transducer 10 ( standard) 6 ( optional) 12( optional) Display resolution 0.1mm Calibration 4.0mm steel base plate integrated Tolerance ( 1% H+ 0.1) mm ( H means the thickness of tested piece) Measuring units mm/ inch Sound velocity range 5900 m/ s Display 4-Digital LCD Surface temperature -10 to + 300 Battery indicator Low battery voltage indicator Power supply 2 Pcs. AA batteries 1.5V Operation time 250 hours Dimensions 126mm 68mm 23mm Weight Approx.250 including batteries
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