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11 / 02 / 2022
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PT. INTI KARYA KARISMA adalah suatu perusahaan dagang yang berkembang sangat pesat, khususnya dalam bidang penyediaan barang dan alat - alat untuk kebutuhan industri yang ada di Indonesia, meliputi bidang Valve - Valve, Automation System dan Electrical Components.

Detail EuroFID

EuroFID Heated Hydrocarbon Analyzer The EuroFID is designed for continuous monitoring of total hydrocarbons in the air and in corrosive and condensable gases both in trace levels and concentrations of up to 100 percent by volume at process temperatures of up to 350 ° C ( 662 ° F) . Depending on the measuring task, the measuring point and the ambient conditions the following devices can be used: 19” -rack for installation in cabinets Wall-mounting enclosure for mounting on a rear cabinet panel Inline-version for direct mounting on the process wall Inline version in industrial housing for hazardous area Zone 1 Inline version in industrial housing for hazardous area Zone 2 Technical specification Measured component Total hydrocarbons ( org.C) Measuring range 0 ... 10 ppm to 0 ... 100 vol% Measurement principle Flame ionisation Measuring gas pressure -50 ... + 50 hPa ( -0.73 ... + 0.73 PSI) Measuring gas temperature Max. 350 ° C ( 662 ° F) for inline-version Max. 200 ° C ( 392 ° F) for 19" -rack und wall-mounting device Compliance Federal German Pollution Conrol Act ( 13th, 17th Implementing Ordinance) and German Clean Air Regulations, MCerts, ATEX approval as gas warning device Explosion protection Industrial housing hazardous area Zone 1: II 2 G EEx p IIB+ H2 170...220 ° C Industrial housing hazardous area Zone 2: II 2/ 3 G EEx pz IIB+ H2 170...220 ° C Protection category IP 20 for 19" -rack and wall-mounting device; IP 65 for inline version Interfaces RS232 Remarks ATEX approval as gas warning device No moving parts, therefore minimal maintenance Due to the dilution reduced contamination and measuring ranges up to 100 vol% Interfaces for remote control and remote maintenance All sample gas contacting parts are heated to 200 ° C ( 392 ° F)
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